Who is this guy?

Ben Dixon sitting under a tree

After 10 years in unofficial hiding (an unexpected side effect of moving from Austin, Texas, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then Denver) – Ben Dixon speaks. Sings to be exact. Popping into open mic nights off and on over the last year to "test-drive" new material and opening a few shows. But, most importantly -- just having fun with it.

Ben Dixon recorded 2 albums in the late 1990's. The first, "Bohemian Kings," was released in 1999 and established Ben's lyrical prowess and affinity for crafting dark portrayals of lost souls and rambling spirits. The yet to be released follow-up album, "Silk & Cotton," builds on styles introduced on the first album.

So, who is Ben Dixon... When asked that exact question he replied, "That is a good question. If you figure it out, please let me know." Talk about cagey...just look for the guy with the nice "lid.""